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We have appointed a "Captain" in each team. This is NOT the C on the shirt, its the guy responsible for letting Tony or Mini know when players will be away.




NameName TeamCaptain Position Shirt  # Colour
ShaneBujold CHINOOK F81 Lt Blue
GrantBullion CHINOOK F10 Lt Blue
RonnieDeGiorgio CHINOOK G69 Lt Blue
JohnDowling CHINOOK F51 Lt Blue
AlexanderGerasimenko CHINOOK E13 Lt Blue
NickHarris CHINOOK F70 Lt Blue
NigelHarris CHINOOK E3 Lt Blue
AngelaHolland CHINOOK F29 Lt Blue
AndyLeach CHINOOK F46 Lt Blue
JackLeahy CHINOOK F24 Lt Blue
TimLepp CHINOOK D33 Lt Blue
Adrian Lewis CHINOOK  E 88 Lt Blue
NickParis CHINOOK D90 Lt Blue
FlynnSitch-Cunningham CHINOOKCapt E 27 Lt Blue
MatthewAnstey EAGLES F92 Orange
JamesCameron EAGLES E18 Orange
BenCampion-Bye EAGLES E 88Orange
JofDorme EAGLES E43 Orange
ChrisGee EAGLES D22 Orange
AmyLack EAGLES F11 Orange
PeterLitwin EAGLESCapt F 37 Orange
NicholasLobb EAGLES F93 Orange
AndrewNelhams EAGLES D 5 Orange
CharlieNelhams EAGLES G40 Orange
AlastairPearce EAGLES E 32Orange
ErikRaos EAGLES F 24Orange
AndrewVawer EAGLES E 66Orange
JoeyWigglesworth EAGLES F 3Orange
JoeBoot LIGHTNING F 24Purple
PaulEwins LIGHTNING F 74Purple
JamesFoster LIGHTNING F56 Purple
LeeHardy LIGHTNINGCapt G 1 Purple
ThomasHutchins LIGHTNING F16 Purple
ChristopherLeach LIGHTNING E 8Purple
KristianNicholson LIGHTNING F26 Purple
LouisNicholson LIGHTNING  E14 Purple
TonyNicholson LIGHTNING  E17 Purple
DanielPearce LIGHTNING  F49 Purple
AndrewShaw LIGHTNING  F 82 Purple
NeilSullivan LIGHTNING  F79 Purple
PaulWatkins (Wally) LIGHTNING  F 65 Purple
StuartDickenson TYPHOON  D 80White
MarkFryer TYPHOON F79 White
RobertHarcup TYPHOON F 18White
DanielHiscock TYPHOON F 51White
StephenJames TYPHOON F 6White
RastislavJancuska TYPHOON F88 White
JamesKenny TYPHOON D 27White
TobyKipps TYPHOON D 8White
KevinPorter TYPHOON G33 White
MichaelPossmayer TYPHOON F22 White
DavidSlade TYPHOON F16 White
AdrianWheeler TYPHOONCapt F 75 White
ConnorWilson TYPHOON E 14White
JustinWilson TYPHOON F 19White
GlenBrook FALCONS  F9 Green
KarlDaniels FALCONS E13 Green
AlfredFoglio FALCONS F 28Green
AdamGoodfellow FALCONS  E 8Green
JohnGresty FALCONS E 42Green
BenHudson FALCONS F 15Green
DarrylKinsey FALCONS F 67Green
StuartMactavish FALCONS E 14 Green
MiroslavRakovan FALCONS F 38Green
AlexReyland FALCONSCapt E 69 Green
TimSearle FALCONS F 43Green
DavidTweedy FALCONS D 16 Green
LisaWeston FALCONS G12 Green
KeironYoung FALCONS D 32 Green
TomApplin HAWKS   F 12 Grey
Matthew Beckett HAWKS D 19 Grey
NatCasey HAWKS D 2Grey
AdamElliott HAWKSCapt F 6 Grey
Alfie Fryer HAWKS E 8 Grey
TimKingsbury HAWKS F 38Grey
MargueriteLaffitte HAWKS E 9Grey
JohnMartin HAWKS F 10Grey
SimonParrington HAWKS D 57Grey
MonicaPetrosino HAWKS  F 21 Grey
MarkRice HAWKS F 17Grey
HarryRyder HAWKS F 71Grey
LewisSmith HAWKS F 7Grey
CarlAitchison RAPTORS G 36Yellow
AndrewBeesley RAPTORS F 77Yellow
SimonChild RAPTORS F 7Yellow
AdamCouzens RAPTORS F 3Yellow
RobertCrosby-Clarke RAPTORS F87 Yellow
DarrenEldridge RAPTORSCapt D 24 Yellow
JamesEldridge RAPTORS F97 Yellow
LiamPoulson RAPTORS  E 14 Yellow
TomRevans RAPTORS E83 Yellow
AlexRoberts RAPTORS  E27 Yellow
Sam Talbot RAPTORS E 44Yellow
JamesWay RAPTORS E 6Yellow
GarethWheeler RAPTORS E 15 Yellow
GrahamWoolfe RAPTORS D 91 Yellow
JeffDunlop SPITFIRE  E 6 Red
EithanFrain SPITFIRE G 1 Red
KatieGirdler SPITFIRE F 53Red
SimonGriffiths SPITFIRE D 13Red
AndrewHadley SPITFIRE F 28Red
RussellHarman SPITFIRE D 27Red
TomHenderson SPITFIRECapt F 2 Red
JosieLamey SPITFIRE D14 Red
RobLamey SPITFIRE E 9Red
MarkMcCoy SPITFIRE E 24Red
MaxSlyfield SPITFIRE D 7Red
AlanThroop SPITFIRE E77 Red
MeryiaThroop SPITFIRE E80 Red
MattWebb SPITFIRE F71 Red