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As mentioned on the Information pages, we use volunteer on-ice officials.

Tony Lack (None)

Connor Wilson (Typhoon)

Alex Reyland (Falcons) Flynn Sitch-Cunningham (Chinook)
Nat Casey (Hawks) Pete Litwin (Eagles)
Mark Harrison (Falcons) Jeremy Woolfe (None)
Casey Cornwall (None) Callum Farrell (None)
Craig Cowell (None) Keiron Young (Falcons)
Ethan Frain (Spitfire) Cameron Frain (Foxbat)
Tom Henderson (Spitfire)  







Ref Line Line AV

Not avail

13th May 15:15 Seniors TYPHOON   HAWKS Tony Flynn Alex Trevor Nat
  17:00 Seniors FALCONS   EAGLES Flynn Callum Connor Trevor  
  18:45 Seniors LIGHTNING   CHINOOK Alex Callum Connor Trevor  









14th May 15:15 Seniors EAGLES   LIGHTNING Callum Connor Jeremy Tony Flynn
  17:00 Seniors HAWKS   FALCONS Jeremy Pete Connor Tony  
  18:45 Seniors SPITFIRE   RAPTORS Nat Craig Pete Tony  









20th May 15:20 Juniors FOXBAT   KESTREL Tony Flynn Alex   Mark, Casey, Nat
  16:10 Juniors MANTIS   THUNDERBOLT Alex Flynn Cameron    
  17:15 Seniors RAPTORS   CHINOOK Flynn Ethan Connor Tony  
  18:55 Seniors SPITFIRE   HAWKS Alex   Connor Tony  









21st May 15:20 Juniors KESTREL   MANTIS Flynn Casey Alex Tony Tony, Nat
16:10 Juniors THUNDERBOLT FOXBAT Craig Mark Casey Tony
  17:15 Seniors TYPHOON   EAGLES Alex Mark Craig Mini  
  18:55 Seniors LIGHTNING   FALCONS Craig Mark Alfie F Mini  









27th May 15:15 Seniors RAPTORS   TYPHOON Jeremy Alex Pete Tony Nat, Mark, Flynn, Callum
  17:00 Seniors FALCONS   CHINOOK Jeremy Connor Pete Tony  
  18:45 Seniors SPITFIRE   LIGHTNING Alex Keiron   Tony  









28th May 15:15 Seniors HAWKS   RAPTORS Mark Flynn Jeremy Tony Nat, Callum
  17:00 Seniors TYPHOON   CHINOOK Alex Mark Pete Tony  
  18:45 Seniors EAGLES   SPITFIRE Craig Flynn Jeremy Tony  









3rd June 15:15 Seniors SPITFIRE   EAGLES 2-man Flynn Keiron   Nat, Alex, Pete, Craig, Jeremy
  17:00 Seniors LIGHTNING   HAWKS Flynn Connor Keiron    
  18:45 Seniors TYPHOON   RAPTORS 2-man Keiron Flynn    









4th June 15:20 Juniors THUNDERBOLT   KESTREL Callum Flynn Cameron   Alex, Pete, Craig, Jeremy
  16:10 Juniors MANTIS   FOXBAT Flynn Nat Callum    
  17:15 Seniors FALCONS   RAPTORS Nat Callum      
  18:55 Seniors CHINOOK   TYPHOON Tom Callum      









10th June 15:20 Juniors THUNDERBOLT   MANTIS Ethan Tom Cameron   Casey, Alex, Pete, Connor, Nat
  16:10 Juniors KESTREL   FOXBAT 2-man Tom Flynn    
  17:15 Seniors RAPTORS   SPITFIRE 2-man Craig Flynn    
  18:55 Seniors EAGLES   FALCONS 2-man Flynn Tom    









11th June 15:20 Juniors FOXBAT   THUNDERBOLT 2-man Connor Flynn   Tony, Casey, Alex, Pete, Craig
  16:10 Juniors MANTIS   KESTREL 2-man Ethan Flynn    
  17:15 Seniors TYPHOON   LIGHTNING Nat Callum Mark    
  18:55 Seniors HAWKS   CHINOOK Mark Callum Nat    









17th June 15:15 Seniors FALCONS   SPITFIRE Flynn Mark     Casey, Nat, Craig
  17:00 Seniors HAWKS   LIGHTNING Tom Keiron Mark    
18:45 Seniors CHINOOK EAGLES Mark Ethan Alex









18th June 15:20 Juniors KESTREL   THUNDERBOLT Flynn Alex Cameron   Casey, Nat
  16:10 Juniors FOXBAT   MANTIS Ethan Connor Flynn    
  17:15 Seniors RAPTORS   LIGHTNING Craig Tom Connor    
  18:55 Seniors TYPHOON   SPITFIRE Craig Alex Flynn    









24th June 15:20 Juniors FOXBAT   KESTREL Flynn Alex     Casey, Nat, Mark, Tom, Craig, Jeremy, Callum
  16:10 Juniors MANTIS   THUNDERBOLT Alex Cameron      
  17:15 Seniors LIGHTNING   EAGLES Alex Flynn      
  18:55 Seniors HAWKS   TYPHOON Flynn Alex      









25th June 15:20 Juniors KESTREL   MANTIS Alex Cameron Ethan   Tony, Casey, Jeremy
  16:10 Juniors THUNDERBOLT   FOXBAT Flynn Callum Ethan    
  17:15 Seniors SPITFIRE   CHINOOK Craig Mark Callum    
  18:55 Seniors RAPTORS   FALCONS Mark Craig Callum    









1st July 15:20 Juniors MANTIS   FOXBAT Alex Casey Keiron   Tony, Nat, Flynn, Tom, Ethan, Connor, Jeremy
  16:10 Juniors THUNDERBOLT   KESTREL Alex Casey Cameron    
  17:15 Seniors FALCONS   TYPHOON Amy       Mark, Keiron and Alex playing
  18:55 Seniors RAPTORS   EAGLES Mark Alex Keiron    









2nd July 15:15 Seniors SPITFIRE   FALCONS Amy Nat 2-Man   Tom, Flynn, Connor, Jeremy
  17:00 Seniors CHINOOK   LIGHTNING Mark Adam Keiron    
  18:45 Seniors EAGLES   HAWKS Alex Mark 2-Man    









8th July 15:15 Seniors CHINOOK   FALCONS Nat Adam 2-Man   Keiron, Alex, Mark
  17:00 Seniors HAWKS   SPITFIRE Flynn Callum 2-Man    
  18:45 Seniors LIGHTNING   RAPTORS Ethan Tom 2-Man    









9th July 15:20 Juniors 3rd=Mantis P/O 1st=Thunderbolt Casey Cameron Flynn   Tony, Nat
  16:10 Juniors 4th=Kestrel P/O 2nd=Foxbat Casey Connor Alex    
  17:15 Seniors EAGLES   TYPHOON Mark Keiron Alex   CF=16
  18:55 Seniors CHINOOK   HAWKS Mark Connor Tom    









15th July 15:20 Juniors 2nd=Foxbat P/O 3rd=Mantis Ethan   Alex   Tony, Casey, Nat, Craig
  16:10 Juniors 4th=Kestrel P/O 1st=Thunderbolt Flynn Cameron      
  17:15 Seniors LIGHTNING   TYPHOON Alex Keiron Tom    
  18:55 Seniors FALCONS   HAWKS Flynn Tom      









16th July 15:20 Juniors 3rd in P/O   4th in P/O Alex Flynn Mark   Casey, Craig
  16:10 Juniors 1st in P/O Final 2nd in P/O Mark Flynn Alex    
  17:00 Seniors CHINOOK   SPITFIRE Alex Mark 2-Man    
  18:45 Seniors EAGLES   RAPTORS Flynn Mark      









22nd July 15:15 Seniors 5 SPITFIRE P1 8 FALCONS Flynn       Alex, Keiron, Tom, Ethan, Nat, Mark, Pete
  17:00 Seniors 2 HAWKS P2 3 RAPTORS Alex Keiron     Tom, Mark, Pete, Ethan
  18:45 Seniors 1 TYPHOON P3 4 LIGHTNING Flynn Alex     Tom, Mark, Pete, Ethan







23rd July 15:15 Seniors 6 CHINOOK P4 7 EAGLES Mark Alex Nat   Flynn, Pete, Tom, Keiron, Ethan
  17:00 Seniors L P3 3/4 L P2 Alex Tom Mark/Nat   Nat if Raptors, Ethan
  18:45 Seniors W P3 Final W P2 Flynn Alex Mark/Nat   Nat if Raptors, Ethan