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Because goalies are so important to the success of TVSL they will be asked to cover for each other and may well get more than one shirt.




Shirt Number
Panthers Goalie Lauren Relf 1
Panthers Goalie Brett Shepherd 45
Panthers   Aaron Fuller 19
Panthers   Alex O'Brien 9
Panthers   Bailey Hind-Pitcher 3
Panthers   Banjamin Britton 36
Panthers   Joseph Zolkwer 98
Panthers   Juha Lindgren 88
Panthers   Louis Nicholson 14
Panthers   Luke Miller 12
Panthers   Tommy Weston 18
Panthers   Yuriy Shulzhenko 15
Bulls Goalie Erin O'Brien 1
Bulls   Alex Reyland 25
Bulls   Cian Paris 33
Bulls   Edward Bradley 11
Bulls   Fay Beesley 32
Bulls   Jordan Shepherd 7
Bulls   Morgan Zolkwer 8
Bulls   Naoya Furitsu 14
Bulls   Seigo Furitsu 22
Bulls   Tate Baxter 34
Bulls   Christopher Murphy 13
Stars Goalie Matthew Friend 29
Stars Goalie Lauren Relf 1
Stars   Buddy Heydon 42
Stars   Cameron Borthwick 4
Stars   James Eldridge 24
Stars   Marius Nykstelis 11
Stars   Max Slyfield 37
Stars   Oliver Crosby-Clarke 79
Stars   Peter Nicholl 17
Stars   Sam Talbot 10
Stars   Sean Norris 71
Stars   Reed Sayers 18
Terrors Goalie Brett Shepherd 6
Terrors Goalie Matthew Friend 29
Terrors   Alfie Mason-Chable 23
Terrors   Jack Peacock 91
Terrors   Charlie Byrne 3
Terrors   Elliot Clowes 20
Terrors   Ethan Frain 10
Terrors   Jacob Parrington 12
Terrors   James Hounsome 90
Terrors   Jordan Winspur 46
Terrors   Kristian Nicholson 26
Terrors   Jack Goodchild 52